Saturday, May 19, 2007

bus-stop at Platts Lane bus going to Golders Green doesn't stop should have why not? I explain to whoever I'm with they've changed it to a request stop see the sign is now a red one

on top deck of bus in old-fashioned seating with four or five seats in a row and an aisle at one side so it's hard to get out if you're at the far end I'm jammed in at the end away from the aisle by four large men in dark overcoats one next to me has a small notebook on his knee I go to pick it up thinking it's mine but see the computer programme diagram small green circles and pencil writing realise it can't be mine

off the bus a long broad curve of suburban street with shops can't think where this is I'm walking with whoever I'm walking with across the road ankle-deep in muddy water [waking identified it as Finchley Road approaching Swiss Cottage]

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