Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Charles Olson's voice declaring in no visible space.

"Everything you do must be ward.
Forward. Backward. Onward. Sideward....

And then,

you must be ward alone.

An unmade bed light blue in a light blue themed hotel room.
a girl wraps her arms around the neck of another girl and hangs from her
a boy leans his head to the side on his hand trying to be a bluebird
trying to look innocent

people move in and out of the room, onto the balcony, up and down the stairs
the girl hanging is suddenly gone and the other girl runs after her saying,
i want to go with you the bluebird boy laughs and his double chin is apparent. he laughs
into his neck.

i wish he would go says the girl before she runs away
gogo, a tall girl with a purse stands there laughing with her keys in
her hand, between the bathroom and the bed

another girl, friends with the girl who was hanging, walks in a giant
glass pavilion showing around the girl who said i want to go with you
to the girl who was hanging on her

I am in a room painted a light blue green

there is nothing in the room except

there is a thin desk pushed against a wall with no window

i say, i think i will live here now

i will write at this desk

it will be earnest writing at this desk

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