Sunday, May 6, 2007

I set off for walk 10 minutes from the domestic terminal to collect car from $5-a-day carpark of the overseas terminal in suburb villas tree-lined sunny day but soon bewildered for direction how could there be suburb between the airport terminals wasn't this Mt Eden turned left at t-junction facing ruined red brick building facade disguised at first it was being demolished soon enter city centre I called it the colisseum a great domed building rings of columns dust and rubble noble building partly ruined renewed search for airport no familiar landmarks alley narrowed and a woman backs into me seeming accidental as I pass asks do I want to go for a walk with her I could like that but don't go find a taxi low slung seats three times I try to get in each time the driver drives off a few feet already low almost lying down in the dark interior six people in two rows of seats in the back and two more people in front with the driver

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