Monday, June 4, 2007

On a high level of a building like a hotel or a mall where the levels
rectangularly wrap around an inside which could be an atrium but isn't
there is no open air
the ceiling is sealed off
people can see other people from across the center and at strange
unexpected angles because all rooms face the inside
which acts like its outside the way everyone walks along the ledges of
balconies as if they were theirs but they are not balconies they are
edges of this rectangular walkway wrapping around the center

On the high level which can see other levels below askew faintly other
people engaged in other tasks or celebrations but here on this level i
have neon colored thread i am performing with
i call up someone and i jump rope at them
it is hard to jump rope with thread
but the crowd loves it
train whistles blow and confetti blows and party noises can be heard
from dissonant angles
cheering on the show
which i think is nothing special
but the crowd loves some part of it
their love feels so blind i think here and there
are they watching someone else
is what i am doing what they are cheering on
i continue, though, my performance
inviting the men and women standing in the loitering line up so i can
perform my rope on them, at them, with them
the way i jump rope in the presence varies
i call adam up and i jump my thread rope at him for a second excited
but then entirely indifferent swing the rope a little side to side
dont even jump over it
and the crowd cheers and gives a low ooohhhhh, but it is slight, and
not entirely what it seems to be, the oooohhh quickly skews into
another sound and the usual response of the crowd cannot be so easily
defined as a clear, unanimous feeling

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