Sunday, October 21, 2007

Last night I dreamed we were in my son's car facing the ocean and a slender tall building sprang up far out a few feet above the water bright red electric red burnt retina red revenant red against a blue sky brick by brick the building built itself and then flicked away and a voice spoke in our heads YOU WILL FORGET EVERYTHING YOU SEE TONIGHT and a man dressed like a camp councilor a friend a leader came by with a clipboard (enemy!) to talk to us very friendly told us to stay where we were no thank you we were going to walk we got out of the car as he was locking everybody inside their cars and we ran ran up the hill toward our house and the voice in our heads spoke YOU WILL FORGET EVERYTHING YOU SEE TONIGHT and I had a pen and was writing on my knee writing it all down on my knee then my thigh then my upper and inner thigh I was writing it and the voice inside our head said YOU WILL FORGET EVERYTHING and YOU WILL HEAR ME AGAIN IN TWO WEEKS we finally made it home the empty street and I wrote it down again in my notebook so I wouldn't forget. I woke up hot my legs twitching like I'd run a marathon.

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