Monday, December 17, 2007

I dreamed that two men were chasing me and I didn't know what they wanted, but it wasn't good, and a nice woman in a white car picked me up, and the two men got into their own (red) car and followed us. And I called the cops, but they wouldn't come because I didn't know the zip code of our location. And we were nearly out of gas, but the gas never ran out. And I called my dad and told him to get the Mtn. Brook cops gathered around the station there, and we drove toward the station.

I dreamed that I had a son who was born 6 weeks early. I didn't even know I was pregnant. It was an easy delivery and he was very small, but healthy. I frequently dream of having daughters but never of having sons. I named him many things. I named him Fredbert, which is the name John gave to a sea lion at B&N. I named him Edward, which is my dad's name, and called him Ted. I named him John James. I named him Jesse James. I named him Jesse Jackson. I tried to figure out where he'd come from and whose family I was supposed to be naming him after. The in-laws (who were two completely irrelevant people) came to see him and wouldn't give him back. I wanted to get him back and run away with him and figure everything out by myself.

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