Sunday, January 27, 2008

In my dream, the violinist Julia Fischer paused before the cadenza and explained to the audience how the new cadenza she was about to have the honor of playing had been composed by young Mr Paul [ ], present in the audience, who had in fact written it not for her, Julia, but for [ ], the distinguished concertmaster of this orchestra -- who also seemed to be present. The explanation went on and on; at first I too was present as she explained, then absent, reading the transcript of her remarks (but the concert hall sounds and feelings were still all around me), which at first were in German (we are after all in Kiel, in the Kieler Schloss), then in English. At first it seems that the concertmaster was alive and well, and had graciously yielded to the young Julia the right of first performance. But then it seemed she actually was dead, and Julia was about to play this new cadenza in her memory. The dream ended before the cadenza began.

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