Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dreamovie 60

I am sitting in a restaurant with a group of people. A man is telling us about the restaurant and how it works. He explains that the meal begins with a large meatless buffet, one that can fill us up quickly. He notes that, after we fill our plates at the buffet, waiters will come around with various meats on skewers and cut off pieces for us. He tells us that the meat includes beef, pork, chicken, sausages, and (this one a surprise) meat pies, each brought out on a skewer. With this introduction, we begin to gather food at the buffet, but we soon find ourselves stuffed and decide to pause our meal and return later that evening for the meat course.

I return to the hotel where a conference of town clerks is taking place. I walk up a narrow set of stairs and find myself in a small office right off the stairs but within the staircase, not in the hallway outside the staircase. Inside that cramped office, a man works at a small desk. A woman attending the conference enters and asks for help. Afterwards, she needs to return to the conference, so I offer to assist her. We take an elevator down and then escalators down deeper. We pass through milling crowds on two or three floors.

When we arrive at our destination, I discover that we are in a large dark room, with a huge set of stairs, reminiscent of a ziggurat, that covers an entire wall and slopes down into the depths fo the room. The audience for this event is either against the wall on the edges of the stairway or around a small flat stage at the bottom of the stairs.

I am supposed to speak, so I stand on the pad at the top of the stairs and take the microphone. I ask the entire audience if they know when my group is returning to the restaurant for the meat course. The crowd is large and tumultuous, and no-one attempts to answer, at least so far as I can tell.

At this point, a country music star and his band begin to set up his equipment on the lower stage. He is preparing to sing, so I walk down towards him to see how the setup and performance are proceeding. By the time I make it down to the stage, the band is breaking down its equipment, and I'm not even sure if they have sung even one song. Bob Newhart then appears on stage, carrying his usually half-bemused half-confused look. Wearing a suit, he prepares to launch into a monologue, but before he does I notice that large aquaria lined up along the edge of the stage.

A man comes onto the stage, carrrying a large hollow tube. The tube connects to a bit of flexible tubing and a large pump, and he explains that this can be used to move the large fish in and out of the aquaria. He offers me the tube so I can move fish into the tanks. Instead of fish, I move watermelons of various sizes into the cold water, dropping them between the swimming fish.

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