Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It seemed to go on & on & on. It involved me and some other people in a large, multi-room cabin, which had been invaded by a huge bear. In some scenes, it looked like a polar bear; in other scenes it looked more like a black bear; but despite these coloration changes, it was always the same bear. It was scene after scene of me and the other people in the cabin trying to hide from this bear in different rooms, often by getting into weirdly contorted or flattened positions as if we were trying to disguise ourselves upon pieces of furniture or something. The bear was not heavily running or loudly lumbering about; it would just suddenly appear in a certain room--and then the air would be fraught with a heightened sense of panic, because who was he going to get?

My Boston Terrier was in the dream, too, except that in the dream he was a dark brown wiener dog. And at one point the bear got him and then he looked like a dark brown bloody hot dog. That part of the dream was more acutely awful; the rest was more like low-grade yet incessant anxiety sometimes flaring into panic.

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