Monday, July 28, 2008

My brother M and I are sitting crosslegged on a narrow stretch of
sand, both of us on either side of a metal railing. Seated height
embankments flank us. We are in some sort of a community space. I am
telling him about the nature and meaning of something which is
provable by the geography around us. I ask him to focus on the strip
of sand and imagine what the world must have once been like - an
unending expanse of sand.

We notice digging going on some distance away, straight ahead. The
hole is around eight feet in diameter and several feet deep - it is
three quarters filled with water. Somehow this too proves the theory I
have been explaining to him. Though it is M who goes to check out the
hole, I know about its size and water level.

Suddenly a lot of water spurts into the sand. It gets wet and squishy
like sand along the shore on a beach. I want to bury my hands and feet
into it and slop around, but crowds of people appear around us and
seem to be in a hurry to leave. I am a little fazed at the ruckus and
decide to leave as well.

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