Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I was being tested at the end of the school year on how my drawing skills had improved. The piece of paper I chose to draw on was handmade and full of imperfections but smooth. I had a yellow tinge to it and in places there was almost a faint image of some of what I wanted to draw or I made use of the imperfections as I constructed my image. My line style was scribbly and I used colored pencils to build up subtle color. The forms emerged as I drew and although it was to test architectural rendering, the drawing needed to be dramatic. From an angle, I drew two heads with hats that overlapped each other and I showed all the formal details of the hats as well as the space the figures were in. I worked on it until the last minute and felt pleased with the drawing. A friend walked with me while I turned it in, just in time. She and another friend looked tanned with pretty heads of massive golden red curls.