Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rajnikanth lives in our house with us. There is a pre-story to this part that I can't remember. The house we are living is clearly the McAlpine Court duplex apartment, with its upstairs and downstairs that I liked so much. VHS tapes and that heavy black recorder / player we had are very much the order of the day. Rajni goes out of the house on a bicycle similar to what Appa, my father, has. When all are out I watch a particular Rajni movie, stopping at a sexy part for rewind, replay. (I can't remember for sure which movie or which scene but it might be the scene from Moondru Mugam where Silk Smitha tries to seduce him.) The doorbell rings and I jump to stop the VHS player, remove the tape. Rajni and Appa come in together on their bicycles. Amma, my mother, is nowhere to be seen.

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