Saturday, January 10, 2009

I dreamt that my tooth, the smallest tooth in my mouth, very small in comparison to normal sized teeth, was loose. I wiggled it and remembered that this happens often - I often move my tongue over my teeth and feel them budge slightly, generally leading to paranoia. The paranoia always subsides, however, as time progresses and my teeth remain intact. This tooth continued to move though, as if it were on the verge of falling out, and I knew as my molars began falling into my hand that something was not right. I grew increasingly anxious until I remembered that despite my paranoia, my teeth never actually fall out. I concluded that if my molars were in my hands, it meant that I was dreaming. To make sure I was dreaming, I challenged myself to fly - and I did. I flew up above a Hispanic woman who watched me in disbelief and down the block of my old high school. I felt as if I had figured something very important out, yet I couldn't completely believe it myself. I wavered in flight because I still doubted my ability. I finally landed on the corner after having too much trouble remaining in the air. I walked into the first building I saw, an old, tan warehouse surrounded by wired fencing. Inside was bare and cold. Everything was painted this off-white, tannish color that clumped on the walls. There were thick, rectangular, cement columns dividing the floor space. I walked towards a counter in the middle of the warehouse and pointed at a boy around my age that was standing there sheepishly looking through paper work. I headed towards the bathroom which was past a small area behind the counter closed off by caution tape. He followed and closed the door behind him. It was a tiny space. We stood chest to chest. I grabbed his ass and giggled as he turned his head from mine. He was very shy and refused to look at me. I made some witty comment and he kissed my cheek once, smiled blissfully, kissed it again and walked away with an extra bounce to his step. I hadn't gotten what I'd intended, yet I walked out of the bathroom feeling rejuvinated and elated with the knowledge that this boy loved me. I walked passed the counter, found a plastic dress-up crown and put it on my head. I found a tiara for a queen and a plastic sword next to that. I placed the tiara around my waist, held the sword in my hand and flew out of the warehouse. Then my alarm went off.

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