Tuesday, January 27, 2009

While driving somewhere, I see a new freeway off-ramp under construction. It descends from a wooden overpass partly obscured by clouds, is impossibly steep, and has no visible means of suspension. The pavement stops about a hundred feet above the ground. In an almost vertical position, two or three pieces of heavy equipment defy gravity while the workers take a coffee break. I pull off the road. Near an old industrial building, I see an adult version of a boy I knew in grade school. He seems down on his luck. I say his name, "Ernesto." The two of us walk around a corner. Ernesto tells me he needs a job. We come to a blue door. I point at it and say, "Have you asked at the mailroom?" He says no, and walks off alone.


Matt Dioguardi said...

Have you ever tried verse? It works well with dreams. Just on the spur ...

driving somewhere,
a freeway off ramp
under construction
clouds obscured
impossibly steep
no means of suspension
a hundred feet
above the ground
almost vertical
three pieces
of heavy equipment
defying gravity

workers take
a coffee break
I stop to chat
a friend I see
grown up
and down on luck
around the corner
we walk
he needs a job
but instead we find
a blue door
I say
ask at the mail room
no he says
and is gone.

lyrics complements of Marya Ophir (my pseudonym/muse for poetry.)

William Michaelian said...

Thanks. Sometimes I do drift in that direction.