Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dreamovie 74

I am at work, but it is outdoors in a forest glade. Instead of an office with a desk there is a bed, and we work around the bed. No-one even sits on the bed, but we place papers on it. We treat it as a table and we have a meeting while standing or kneeling around it. I am talking to Judy, Julie and Emily about a project concerning the educational uses of government records. I have given them a packet that outlines an exercise to use with teachers to teach them how to use records in the classroom. They don't understand the details of my exercise. They tell me that if they make one assumption versus another that the exercise could go in very different directions. I agree with them, explaining that the teachers must invent the details, that that is part of the exercise.

We are now back at the office and I am setting up a whiteboard in the hallway in front of the elevators. I am setting the whiteboard up in that spot to test a display that we will also assemble in the underground concourse of the Empire State Plaza. As I set up the whiteboard, I worry that people will complain because they cannot get around it. But I assume they can walk around to get to anyplace they need to on the floor. Our floor is a square with hallways along each of its four sides and one down the middle—and my display is blocking only the hallway in the middle. I continue to set up the display. The board is totally blank, so it seems pointless as a display, but then I add a holder to the board. This device attaches the whiteboard via suction and has holes through which to place and secure pens, but I use it to store toothbrushes. As I pull the toothbrushes, all of which my family is still using, in the holder, I hope that no-one steals any of them.

I am in a helicopter that lands on a building.

I am making a phone call from a car. A woman answers the phone, and I say, "Kirsten?" But the woman on the other end is not New York's new US senator Kirsten, so I wait while that woman looks for her. I have no idea why I have just tried to call a woman by her first name even though I don't know her, and I can no longer recall what I'm supposed to ask her about. I try visualize the sheet of paper with my notes so that I will know what to ask her when she answers the phone. She picks up the phone and says, "Hello."

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