Monday, February 2, 2009

Dreamovie 75

On an interior hill that sits within an office building, people are rolling down its grassy side and playing. I am one of those people. Afterwards, I realize that I have created a yellow-green stain near the buttons in the middle of my shirt. I realize that my tie will cover it up, so I do not worry about it. But as I replace my tie over the stain, I see that the stain appears in the same spot on my tie, that I have stained both places at the same time.

I am now at the top of the hill, in a wooden telephone booth such as used to be found inside public buildings. I am changing my clothes, changing into jeans and a T-shirt, since my work clothes are dirty. Chris W enters the building through the center of a range of doors at the top of the hill, and she prepares to address us, those people who work for her. As soon as I see Chris, I finish changing my clothes and I exit the telephone booth.

As Chris speaks, a man shorter than she and dressed in a suit stands behind her, holding his hands together in front of himself just above his crotch. As Chris talks, he takes over, contradicting her slightly. I do not know what they say. Either I pay attention only to the deeper meaning of their actions or I cannot understand them. It is clear that this other man is acting as if he is Chris' boss, yet I have no idea who he is.

After the meeting, I try to track down this man's office to figure out who he is. I wander down the cramped and twisting corridors of an old office space, moving quickly. I glance at the nameplates on the doors as I rush past each. I find his name on a door and discover that he is the deputy director of something I've never heard of, so he seems to be Chris' new supervisor.

At the end of my run through this tangle of hallways, I find myself in an open space, a large office, appointed in brown, with a lone secretary sitting at a large desk. I decide to wait there for this man.

The secretary has, apparently, washed the clothes I had stained. She hands them, folded in a neat pile, to me, so I take them from her and walk a few steps into the one-seater restroom to change. The room is quite cramped, especially for someone changing into clothes, but I manage to change into my work clothes. I then open the door.

I do not know who this woman is or why she has cleaned my clothes, but when I open the door, she hugs and kisses me. She is slightly older than me and attracted to me but I do not know why she is, and the situation befuddles me. As she lets go of me, the man I am waiting for appears.

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