Monday, February 9, 2009

Dreamovie 77

I am at a conference in a large hotel, but the attendees are housed not in the usual hotel rooms but in more of a dormitory-like situation. On the walk to my room, I pass through a lobby area on a guest floor. Some of the conference goers have congregated here preparing to sleeping here on large chairs. I continue, now down a narrow hallway, which is lined on both sides with doors right beside each other. Apparently, these doors do not lead into guest rooms. At the end of the hallway, the space opens up (doorlessly) into what appears to be a large communal dormitory room. My space is with the men, to the left, and against a range of large windows. To the immediate right is a covey of young women. I never look at the rest of the room, which is huge, to see if anyone else is staying in that room. After I put down my luggage, I run back down the hallway, pushing myself off both walls of the hallways at once. Eventually, I build up enough speed that I can glide down the down the hallway and into the lobby space. I land right before the large wide stairs leading downstairs. I turn around and run back down the hallway in the other direction. I glide to my bed and put something down on my nightstand. The young women who will be sleeping on the other side of the nightstand ask me something about my gliding. I race again down the hallway and glide even more, circling the room. I race back to my room, gliding out the open windows. Now, I realize that I must keep my arms out in front of me in order to maintain my glide, to keep from falling, and I glide towards the ground, never landing.

I have to call June, and she starts telling me about her day, including the music she's listening to. She begins to say a few things that are a little embarrassing just as I realize my phone is on speakerphone, but the control for turning it off is not on my phone. I can hear her voice coming out of a recliner in the room I'm in. It takes a bit of searching for me to discover that the toggle switch to turn off the speaker is in the side of a cushion on the chair. As I have been talking to her on the phone, I realize that she is talking to me from the very next room, which is divided from the room I'm in by nothing more that an open space in the wall, one that is about three times the width of another door. After I take the phone off speakerphone, I continue to talk to June on the phone, wandering in the room I'm in and waiting for Nancy to arrive.

For some unknown reason, I am handling large sheets of thick white paper. The sheets are about four feet high and three wide, and they are a kind of watercolor paper. I am struggling with the pages at the side of the road, trying to decide what to do with them. Eventually, I decide to leave them on the grass between the sidewalk and the street so that they can go out with the trash. But after I look at them on the ground, I decide that I can find something to do with them, so I pick them back up again. As I do, I realize that a couple of the sheets are cut into the shapes of capital A's, so I decide that I don't need them and I put those back down. As I look at them on the ground, I remember that I like having objects in the shapes of letters, so I move to pick up those diecut sheets. As I move back towards the sheets, it begins to rain. As I reach for them, I see they are now becoming soaked and turning brown from the muddy water underneath them. As I pick up the sheets, the rain picks up, so I drop the sheets, crossing the street with my uncut sheets in my hand.

I head towards the building that I have come from, which is large and possibly a hotel or a hospital. I go to the basement in the building, which is the basement to my house, though it resembles that basement only slightly. My plan is to store my large sheets of paper there. A couple of men appear. One of them, the older one, is looking for a place to store something perishable. As I stand beside my doorless refrigerator, I tell him that my refrigerator will work. He looks at me incredulously, so I tell him that all I have to do is put a door on the refrigerator. He still looks at me incredulously, so I point to the refrigerator door that rests between the wall and another refrigerator that I haven't noticed before even though it is right behind the two men.

A race is taking place. Hundreds of people are running in packs between maypoles, which are placed at the crests of small hills. The runners swarm from place to place, sometimes going back and forth between two maypoles like cricketers running between wickets. Among the runners is a little blonde girl, who is trying to win the race. She makes it first to the top of a hill where I'm standing, and she thinks she will win the race. But she is only a few feet tall. Those of us standing at the top of the hill discuss how she cannot win because no matter how hard she runs, her legs will always be much shorter than everyone else's. The girl keeps running, this time away.

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