Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dreamovie 79

I am flying somewhere in a plane to drop someone off on an otherwise deserted island.

I am back at home at a university, giving a talk. Afterwards someone points to a signboard (and its removable plastic letters) complaining about some particular thing I've said. I am not sure how the signboard contains my message.

I turn and go into my house. My mother is there, and I'm trying to hide people from her, people that I think she thinks are dead. One of them is a woman. When my mother is out of the house, we sneak the woman up to the third floor, which doesn't look like the third-floor of my house. The space is much larger but also looks more like an attic. We leave the woman up there. She sits alone.

We return to the island, though I don't know who we are besides me. We rescue the man we've stored there, tied up, in the cargo hold of a plane. I can't believe we've left him there tied up, so we untie him quickly and move back home. He may be my brother Rick.

We are in the basement of my house, which is not my house's basement, and we are trying to figure out how to walk up the stairs and through the kitchen, which resembles my grandmother's kitchen, and into the attic without my mother seeing me. We need to sneak the woman we left in the attic back up to the third floor as well.

Somehow we succeed, and I leave the woman there talking with my brother Rick.

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