Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I’m keeping a notebook on the bed beside me. I dream about it and it is the pressure I need to jot down my dreams. What actually happens is that each time I think I’m waking up, I review my dream to that point, over and over again. It begins with a group of us are going to Santorini for vacation. When we arrive I have to fill in the names and addresses of at least 2 couples in the party who have not yet arrived. My address book is not up to date so I make up the contact information of the other two couples.

Then we are taken to our room that is so large that we end up sharing it with another couple. We discover that we have a big-window view of a landscape that looks like the Grand Canyon, but not like the island of Santorini. I notice that the bedspread is beige with small red flowers on it. Soon we go outside to get in line for dinner in a restaurant. Dinner on an island is always in an outdoor restaurant. A woman beside me tells the story of a restaurant mascot that is a cross between a vinyl figurine and a rabbit. I can see the mascot myself. This mascot has recently had a back operation and is now healthy. Other people in the line don’t like the woman who is telling the mascot story and so most of them move away from her. I stay and listen to her story and don’t think she is crazy. We never get to eat dinner anyway.

Then there is something like a parade in the streets and so we stand against a chain link fence to watch, It is not clear who is on the inside and who is on the outside of the fence. Soon a young man waltzes up to the fence wearing a long flowing black coat. The fabric is silky and quilted. He also wears a hat and has a small white flower in his lapel. In my dream I am continuously reviewing my dream so that I end up sleeping through the whole night without waking once. This is the first time that reviewing a dream has kept me asleep.

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