Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Last night I dreamed I was sewing up babies' heads with thick silk skeins of embroidery thread, garnet red, sky blue, and grass green. The skeins were wound in the usual lazy 8 shape but the thread was difficult, slippery, and I thought the thread was actually skeins of human veins in spite of their marvelous colors and textures. The babies were lined up in a long crib in a Victorian hospital. They weren't crying, but they were quiet. I guess passive would be a good word. Perhaps they had been drugged. The embroidery thread slithered in and out of my needle, refusing to stay put so I was constantly stopping to re-thread, and this was the only thing that caused me concern.

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Elisabeth said...

This again is such a powerful and visually disturbing dream and I'm intrigued by the sensibility of the dreamer. To me it's a dream that's full of possibility. Full of art, the Reconstruction of infancy, the primitive, and wondrous.