Sunday, April 25, 2010

Last night I had two vivid dreams. The first dream involved me going to teach a student and I drove down a long hill and my brakes went out and I drove into the student's living room. His father yelled at me. Later during the lesson I had to ask the father to turn the television down because it was disrupting us. That was my alarm clock. I hit the snooze button and the next dream was me with a bolt of pink flannel in a cowgirl design. I was wrapping records vinyl records at my job. The flannel was the wrapping paper. I was intent on making them beautiful when a man came along and decided to help. He couldn't get the flannel on neatly so he covered his record in pink bubble wrap. Then he wrote a rather long note and taped it to the mess and told me the note was a love letter to a woman. I took the record from him neatly wrapped it in pink cowgirl flannel scrunched up the letter and threw it on the floor.

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