Monday, May 10, 2010

I host a party that turns into an all-night sleepover. J. Miller, an old friend, is there. I get to sleep for a little while.

I am on a giant plane (maybe with the same people?) on the way back from somewhere. There is food, but nothing healthy. Many people are sleeping. We are stopping in Borneo. Of the sleeping people, there is one missing: it is a small woman (her name is Mary?). I walk back and forth in the aisles of the plane. Towards the front, I look out the window as it lands in Borneo. I see giant snowy mountains not too far away. Someone says those are the Himalaya. It is captivating to watch them as we taxi. 

We get off the plane and are in a desert with a broad river in it. The river is dirty, and many destitute people sit around. I go in an SUV with Greg J., an old friend, and a woman I don't know and we park at the edge of the river, as far into it as we are able to drive. The front wheels are partially submerged in the river. It is very dry, and we are almost out of water. The woman doesn't want to, but Greg and I decide that a new fridge is the best idea. I go to get it, on foot, which requires climbing up the steep river bank. The sides of the bank have plasticized footholds built in. It is very dry on top, and far to walk where the fridges are. 

Greg and the woman go off somewhere else, to get water for all of us. There is another group of travellers around on top, too.

I meet Greg and the woman again, and they tell me that a fridge is no longer a prudent idea. without admitting it, I realize that there would have been no way to drag a fridge back across the sand by myself. However, I am upset by their decision to send me on what has become a pointless mission. I want to tell Greg that I think he is a liar for changing his mind on what we had decided.

Now, I need the water they have collected, but he put it in some kind of corroded container that looked bad to drink from. All I could do was transfer it to the only thing available- a mini safe-deposit box my grandfather gave me. I had to drink through the keyhole. The woman senses my frustration, and she informs me that I have the wrong attitude. I am still grumpy. On the way back to the car, we see a poor boy with dark skin. The river, which was indeed tidal, has receded, and now the SUV tires are on completely dry ground in the riverbed.

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