Monday, June 7, 2010


Marc Chagall

Saturday I dreamed all night. First I was in a beautiful hotel room but the bed was lumpy so I pulled up the fitted sheet and the mattress was covered with marijuana buds which I scooped up. Then I was home and I discovered the remote control for my little telly gave us cable then I was back in the hotel room bed on my stomach and a woman straddled my back and was giving me a deep tissue massage. Next I was at a party in a room with all white walls and a man was making marinara then he started flinging it on the walls with a spoon and the marinara spread out into complicated gorgeous art that kept moving around morphing and rolling up and across the ceiling. Then it was announced that everyone at the party was going swimming except I didn’t have a swimsuit and said so and someone yanked my jeans off and handed me white stockings and a long white petticoat and a white satin bustier with bones the kind you wear under a ball gown. I got dressed walked to the pool but no one was there and the pool was filled with mechanical parts, engines, clocks, axles, flat pieces of metal, titanium bowls, the entire pool with all this stuff clanking around in it so I found a snow shovel and scooped the stuff out of the pool which made me very tired but gave me room to swim. I was swimming and struggling with the petticoat when the host of the party came out and jumped in the pool and yelled at me for removing the mechanical stuff. She opened a long drawer inside the pool in the deep end and started pulling out more mechanical parts and (suddenly as it happens in dreams) I was at work still in the petticoat and bustier and I was by an executive’s office and I heard someone whisper slut then I was deep in the woods watching at first a red fox then a wolf. I woke to hard rain.


J said...
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Radish King said...

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