Monday, July 26, 2010

I read this article:

This reminds me of a nightmare I had recently:

My family was all together in a place that looked like a large movie theater lobby/high school. Basically large hallways and double doors going into rooms.

We were all there, and a woman walked up to my Dad and said it was time. My Dad said something odd, like "Well, I guess I might as well get going!" and he walked into this large door with the woman. We waited maybe 15 minutes or something, when a large sign above the door lit up with my father's name. And my Mom was just like, "Ok, let's go!" and we left.

Walking out, there was a huge rush of people going in. It was like the airport or something, you know? Just a huge rush of people coming and going.

I woke up freaking out, crying.

FYI: My Dad's alive and well.


Office of the Cultural Liaisons said...

the place with people coming and going like an airport.
i can only say have been there

joven said...

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Amish Trivedi said...

I went to the airport right after this and was thinking about that.