Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We couldn't find her so we went down to the water. I looked through a glass door—suddenly it was winter—where some kind of security guard in a diver's suit was standing on a rock ledge that jutted out into the water. She was lying there, half frozen in the water, her legs and hips frozen and locked into the ice. But she had only been there a few hours—how did this happen? It was clear that she had tried to kill herself. 

Then she started to wake up. I saw that her thumb had broken off and she was being woken up because the security guard was starting to thaw the ice around her. This had to be done carefully and slowly because her flesh could tear or limbs, frozen, could snap off. She was in terrible pain, and started to cry and moan. "My hand! My hand!" she said as she held her hand up to look at what was causing the pain, and she saw that her finger had broken off, leaving the bloody stump of a thumb.


Elisabeth said...

This is a powerful dream, Lynn, made even more so by the extraordinary photo attached. Only in our dreams and yet in waking life also such horrors exist.

Annandale Dream Gazette said...

Hi Elisabeth. Yes, that photo is horrifying, isn't it? I found it after I had the dream. It was a man in Detroit who is frozen. Very sad.