Thursday, October 21, 2010

build a tiny cabin

1. in the dream
i found one of the 500 copies
of robert grenier’s sentences
for sale
at a convenience store
disguised as a deck of cards
in a vinyl pouch
and it is something like
when someone is learning a new language
and finally they dream
fluently in this language

2. in the dream
i also bought
three red pens

3. ‘to write poetry
after auschwitz
is barbaric’
-theodor adorno

4. the sound of a portland bus
your phone
to mine

5. performance
about sanctuary:
build a tiny cabin
preferrabley in a grove of trees
and allow people
to use it
[a reservation system
or sign up sheet
is probably a good idea]

6. dearest kate,
i arranged
an altar
for you
with water and chocolate
sequins and
the tiniest
glass bottle
of flowers
wishing you welcome-homes
on whichever side of the thin veil
you are currently residing

7. in the galley kitchen
three of us
the issue
of art
that dares
to have an emotional

8. leaves just threw themselves
through the flowers
more gently
than usual
you say
in a pre-sleep dream

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