Saturday, October 9, 2010

It is 5:00 AM as I write this.  Dream woke me up.  I was part of this
colony of religious type people who were living on another world.
Somehow I was one of the select few that knew of the existence of life
on other worlds which the rest were unaware of.  We had cities but
overall it was a small world with a low population.  Very low tech.
Reminded me of the group which doesn’t use electricity and what-not.
At any rate we needed outside goods and since our existence and
arrival we had maintained trade with other worlds secretly.  Somehow
though one of these worlds found something we had that was desirable
and an invasion was imminent.  There was this big meeting – like
sermon on the mount – there was a big amphitheatre which sort of looked
like the Grand Canyon and our religious leader told us we the Lord was
about to turn his face from us and a people would persecute us from
above.  We were told that we would retreat to “some world I can’t
remember” to wait until the scourge had passed.  Everybody had always
been told of these wonderful underground tunnels and how they were
almost like heaven.  Time passes – maybe weeks and then all of a
sudden the invasion begins happening earlier than we planned.  We
retreat as quickly as possible underneath.  Some of these big “tubes”
were also storage containers and underneath the ground all over the
world they were buried.   We were given weapons and told to fight.
This was not good.  None of us had ever fought before in our lives.
Asking us to fight was like asking us to go against everything we had
been taught.  So we lay down our weapons and run! We head
underground.  I remember one scene where this alien – not really alien
but human in strange war gear was throwing these spears at me which
had a really cool set of spinning blades on the end.  When they threw
them the wind caught the blades and they spun outward.  Anyway I
dodged like five or six and kept running.  So finally I get to the
underground access tunnel and I go in as well.  But we get in there
and it was basically a shithole! We were told how wonderful it was and
it was just a big cellar though it did have food and all the
necessities and these underground tunnels connected all the cities.
Well it was short-lived because soon we watched from above as the air
access ducts began to shake.  First one and then another and then
another which meant they were finding them above and would soon be
underground when they found the tunnels.  So we all retreated further
and I ended up in this strange sort of Greek architecture place.
There were all these strange areas underground which represented
periods from historical Earth.  So there was a Greek one, the Roman
one, etc.  Anyway there was these games you could play where you tried
to throw a baseball and squish a spider.  I wasn’t very good but I
played.   At some point they find access underground and invade.  We
are all captured and they come to inspect us and when they do it is
all people we know.  So I saw people from high school and college
there and they remembered me and I them.  Same for others I think.
But then somebody starts flooding the whole underground chamber along
with our old/new friends.  Then we all really panic because they
sealed the exits.  The water rises and rises until we are floating
near the top with barely room to breathe.  And then they open the
exits and this lady who was the leader says that we had to be baptized
in water to begin a new life and she didn’t mean to scare us.  All the
people who died in the earlier invasion then got up and were okay.
The dream ended with actual movie credits weirdly enough……

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Weave Dreamer said...


When did you have this dream? I ask because I awoke the morning of 10-8 from an amazingly strange dream, different from yours, but also with similarities ~ the chase, the air vents, the all is well in the end. Very interesting.

Thanks for sharing.