Sunday, June 12, 2011

I was in a busy urban environment, daytime, much happening on the streets.
 I was discovering some sort of complex, quasi-encoded creative project.
This somehow involved a map of the US w/ a few black dots on it of some
particular significance.  The logo for part of it was a detail of an
Hieronymous Bosch painting that was delineated by a diffused-outline
circle.  Surrounding the circle the painting was in color but the isolated
detail was in black & white.  W/in the circle there was probably a Bosch
character that was semi-human - perhaps a creature w/ a trumpet-like mouth
or beak.

I had found an object created by the person behind this project.  It was
like an industrial paper-towel dispenser the size of a Rolodex.  It was a
cylinder, mostly encased in plastic, w/ a central axle around wch fairly
sturdy paper was wrapped on wch there was a printed interview w/ "N" - wch
stood for "Noun" but may've also been connected to "An".  "N" was the
person behind the project.  Also wrapped around the axle & interposed
between the paper was a layer of translucent blue plastic.  Encasing these
2 layers was a hard plastic shell that only allowed access to the paper &
plastic thru an aperture.  My interpretation of how this interview was to
be read was that as one pulled the paper & plastic off the spool-axle one
was to cut the plastic off to make seeing the interview-paper easier.
However, I was unsure whether I shd really be cutting the blue plastic off
as I was.

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