Tuesday, August 16, 2011

There were these ink-dark beings, sometimes resembling humans and sometimes resembling snakes, that seemed almost liquid, that we all had to protect ourselves from. They sought out human frailties and fed on them. Too much exposure would lead to a full-force attack, and would kill a person.

So what one had to do was keep all skin completely covered, so that any one of these beings (which resided in the rafters and on the ceilings of this world that seemed mostly to be a sort of large gym), could not see any human part, because that triggered a feeding frenzy.

What one did to survive was keep covered, all in black, with a series of hats, hoods, cloaks, and when an ink-dark being neared, one crouched down on the floor or ground and wrapped one’s coverings around one and played dead.

I had a soft spot on top of my head that was now bald due to an attack where I had not properly covered myself. I had to wear a black hat at all times, and be constantly vigilant, continually scanning the ceiling beams, nooks and crannies, to try to discern where one of these dark shape-shifters might be hiding. I had to keep my head bent down and my hands covered at all times, just to survive.


Elisabeth said...

I'm writing about skin at the moment, Lynn, and this dream reverberates for me.

Such a powerful dream, however distressing it must have been. I wish I had dreamed it myself, and survived it of course, to be able then to write about it as lyrically as you have written here.

Annandale Dream Gazette said...

It was a scary one, Lis. I read it as the first poem at my most recent poetry reading at Cadmium Text, actually.