Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"My name is Davi Det Hompson," he said, "but you can pronounce it however you want." Some in the audience thought this was audacious. Wanting some more mystery. "I'm from the southwest. One of those towns where there aren't any children. So there aren't any crows." He was sitting in Leo's desk at the new Division Leap. "The number of crows always corresponds to the number of children in a town. IT has to do with the tires. That's why I do what I did. I didn't want to 'heighten language' or have a dialogue with the potentiality of the book. But I didn't want to write poetry either. I wanted my language to seem to be alone in the desert."

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idioideo said...

Davi Det Hompson! Is/was he a friend of yrs? We corresponded in connection w/ my "Mike Film" project 30+ yrs ago. As I recall, he was Davi Det Hompson instead of being David E Thompson b/c he was avoiding being another David, maybe he was avoiding being David Franks, I have a vague memory they were friends.