Monday, April 28, 2014

Last night I had a dream where Zach Houston and I were standing on a street corner and a municipal car drove by quickly then abruptly stopped at a stop sign. The car dropped off a selection of tools that needed to be there. At the moment that the tools were dropped off, the car completely disappeared, popped out of the atmosphere exactly at the place where it parked. Zach and I were in shock. We turned to the left and a skinny brunette, a young girl wearing white pants acting very aristocratic brushing her hair--we ask her if she saw that. She has no idea what we are talking about and continues to act nonchalant. Zach and I both feel ourselves as "poets" and a conscience sinks in our throats signalling to us that this now marks us off as a species, with the capacity to see the evils of empire more than others because we have conditioned the capacity and the willingness to transform it, so we walked forward into the auspicious omens of the tech take over, understanding "our difference." ......Last night when I was walking to the reading at ATA I was taking in Valencia and the Buddhism and Cognitive Science conference I had been to the day before and asked myself what power of mind poets have that "techies" (scientists) don't? It was at that moment that a small old shaking woman with bloodshot eyes handed me a miniature pamphlet called "The Power of God."

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