Wednesday, July 23, 2014

dream: my father tries to call me from the airport. i answer the wrong phone. u tell me we have roosters, rabbits and a guinea pig. maybe a parrot. i don't want roosters. i'm in the men's dorm by mistake. they are all naked. i try to pretend like i don't notice. our apt. is leaking. i try to get towels. i'm twisted in an awkward position between tables and a man. i pry myself loose. a young girl is doing a television interview. she is wearing a black leotard. her breast is exposed and she doesn't know it. i think she will be so embarrassed. why didn't they edit it out. i want to tell her someone was videotaping me dancing once and the same thing happened to me. i never got to see the video for some reason. i am walking in a city. maybe it's santa cruz. i am so happy to be home where there is some activity, some life. the ocean air feels wonderful. i don't know if you're there or not.

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