Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dreamed last night I was in Louisville, to deliver a lecture I hadn't yet written, & was visiting Guy Davenport on a dark, snowy evening. He was congenial as ever--if strangely overweight--& excited to show me that he'd gotten rid of most of his vast library. Some walls were simply bare; other bookcases were absolutely groaning with newly acquired gardening books---big illustrated volumes devoted to particular families of flowers and plants.

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Ed Baker said...

the handwriting is on those blank walls

when eventually sanity sinks in... and hopefully it does or will .... one deletes

besides me, several of my friends (poets) are getting rid of their books

not even bothering to box things up and sell to a university library .... or sell via amazon or ebay...

the boxes of books that i put out by the curb
are usually gone in an hour or two.... depending on whether or not it is raining.... or a weekend day.

will, however keep a couple of my Davenport "stash" ... the ones with his art in them