Thursday, August 28, 2014

In my dream last night I was on another planet and was receiving a lesson, or being told how impractical it was that we lived on Earth in flesh suits that you couldn't take off. I was shown how on their planet you could unzip your flesh suit easily, or sometimes you didn't wear the suit at all. So I did this, and all of my organs were being interviewed, as if each organ was an individual, going to the doctor, getting a "check-up." I completely understood how sane it was to want to see your own machinery, so as to visibly register when something had gone askew. When I woke up, I began to think of the development of technology, of the covering of internal parts, so as to no longer see what was moving what, to no longer be able to dismantle a human being or a machine into parts, a seamless diaphanous flesh, which makes me think of hacking, and the retaliation against the surveillance of one surface, and the persistent action of breaking if not the human body, then all of matter, into discrete, and separatable elements.

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