Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dream animals

Are all of creatures, or of creatures who turn into and out of people.

One night I opened closet after closet, all with cats inside, sleeping on the shelves. Almost identical, mostly black. The game was to indentify the real cat. When he looked at me, I always knew.

Near the end, a cat-furred goatlike creature, but lambsized. Creamy white, with a tannish head and pink stripes along his ears and a pink band around his belly. He made a sound I cannot transcribe.

Last night: bears. Or rather, one black bear.

At first a very fat robin (seen lots of these in waking days recently, orangey-red chests and very round) sat on a fence chirruping. A small bear, to robin-scale, popped in beside him dancing around. Then he got big and ate the bird. Then he stalked the yard and grabbed a man through a plate glass window. I had just said to the man, be careful he's behind you out the window.

I knew the man, but haven't spoken to him in years, since he was mostly a boy.

Luckily, a bear would not actually crash through a plate glass window to eat a man. Nor would he bother to eat a fat robin.

What a relief.

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