Saturday, February 16, 2008

It's night and I'm walking into the Giant (grocery store). A grocery cart with a small baby careens out of control. I stop the cart and look around for whoever is responsible for the baby, but nobody seems to pay any attention. I stop other shoppers and employees to inquire, but nobody knows who he belongs to. I remember I saw this baby before, falling off the cashier's conveyor belt the last time I shopped there. I leave the baby with the store employees while I go inside to buy some formula for him. While I find some discarded, half-used, very questionable formula containers scattered around, I can't find the baby product isle. I ask a store employee for help, but she tries to sell me pet flea spray. I become very frustrated with her. I tell her a baby is starving and this is a serious matter. My Uncle Marty walks into the store with Chris. He sees me holding the baby and says he knows its not mine. I consider the possibility of making this baby part of my family. I ask Chris to find formula and he comes back with the discarded, questionable formula I saw during my search. I get angry with Chris, tell him there's no way we could possibly feed a baby that. Then I remember I have some sample formula upstairs in my grandmother's attic. I find it, along with a bottle and go downstairs and outside to finally feed the baby. But when I get there, it's daylight and the baby is gone. Where I left him is covered with manholes. I panic and look inside the holes. In one I see a body of a person, in another a dog's body and in the third I see the baby, who is now a white cat. I fear the cat is dead, but she's not, she opens her eyes and begins to move. I'm very relieved.


Leslie Richardson said...

I am heartened to read this dream of yours. It makes me feel kinship with someone else in the world. I have dreams like this. Once a year or so. Something is in jeopardy, and no one "gets" it. Often, there is a white cat (but I do have a white cat).

Reb said...

Thanks Leslie -- I'm interpreting the white cat as a positive feminine/mystery symbol. Once I decide to "integrate" the baby into my "family" (i.e. myself), I'm able to find the correct "formula" (alchemy). When I go back to the baby, it's filling a void (a "manhole", my goodness), but it's transformed into the white cat, something more self-sufficient.

At least that's how I'm taking it. :)

Anonymous said...