Friday, March 7, 2008

We’re driving near the Hudson River, but it looks like a road in Maine, one that we go on every summer, between Kennebunk and York, I think. The road goes right down to the water. It’s winter. The car slides off the road in what feels like slow motion & falls in slow motion into the river. The car cracks through the ice. We’re all thrown in. I am plunged down, deep into the water. I look up, frantically trying to swim to get to my son, who I know has just fallen in the water after me. I have to save him—he can’t swim. I can’t seem to get back up to the light where he is--the pressure from the water holds me down. Unbearable sadness. I know we’re both going to die.

2nd dream, another nightmare. A bigger turtle, eating a little turtle. Again, I am trying to save someone. This time, it’s the little turtle. The poor little turtle tried to pull back into its shell but by the time I get there, both its legs have been bitten off by the big turtle. Gory. Awful. It's not dead, just in horrible pain. I wake up gasping.

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