Thursday, July 31, 2008

I am with a female friend/relative/acquaintance (?). She has a tiny red dot on the skin on one of her arms or legs that looks like an insect bite of some kind. She asks me to squeeze it for her because she cannot reach it herself, and it's bothering her.

I squeeze it with my fingernails, but it doesn't seem to have anything in it.

I squeeze it a second time, though, and the red dot grows larger and larger, until it turns into a nipple. Then I squeeze it with my fingernails again, and this time, deep-red cake icing begins to slowly stream out of it in a long stream like a small rope with tiny wavy lines along it. It is just like red icing coming out of a cake decorating bag.

We marvel at this beautiful "red icing"! I quit squeezing when the icing stops flowing. But every time I stop, there is still more inside. I squeeze it about a dozen times until the red icing finally stops coming out. "I feel so much better," she says.

Then -- as if by instinct -- I reach up to feel my chest. One of my breasts is half the size of the other.

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