Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dream One
The dream began with my husband wanting to pull the car in the driveway. He couldn’t because our neighbor to the right had his truck in our driveway and his leg in a kind of scaffolding apparatus that held his bones in place with pins and wires. When the neighbor saw us pull up, he rushed towards the truck, picking up blue plastic boxes that were full of vegetables. He stacked the boxes in the front seat of his vehicle that had no door. Of course they fell out all over the driveway and grass, so we pulled the car further up the street and parked there.

The house was full of young people who were under the influence of a local street vendor. When I realized that he knew nothing that would be of help to them, I hustled him out and although he plead his case, I didn’t believe him. He took his ice cream cart and left as I watched through the window. The window were trimmed with aluminum and swung out on a hinge.

One of the young men, a friend of my son’s showed me his delicate palms. They were decorated in henna patterns. One of his hands had a red eye in the middle of one finger. His hands appeared to be partially erased. He held them up for a long time and they seemed to be disintegrating as I stared at them. He was wearing a blue pin striped suit and I knew he was thinking of me as “mother.” Later, there seemed to be some confusion about who would do what in the young people’s business.

Dream Two
A friend and I were both in the hospital at the same time having babies. Hers baby was almost normal weight, but mine was a tiny, tiny male person, like a mite. He was so tiny that he slipped through a small hole in the top of the cradleboard where I swaddled him in blankets. I got down on my hands and knees to search for him and there I found many insects and creatures with beautiful feathery bodies and legs moving over the carpet, but I couldn’t find him because he was as small as a mite.

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