Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dreamovie 81

AM has to move her office to be closer to her staff, which I understand, so we move her office to one of two offices between Julie and John K's (but in reality there are no offices between those two offices). Because AM is moving her office, I must move mine as well, though I have no idea why. We inspect our new offices, and I notice that there is a door between the two rooms, though I don't want one there. Her office has no door on the hallway, however. Instead there is evidence that the door that used to be there was a sliding door. I am annoyed that I have to leave my corner office for this office, and then I realize that these offices actually move AM away from her staff, I don't have to move my office, and this is only a dream.

A number of us are walking through the woods with canoes. I ask our leader if we are supposed to canoe downriver, even though I know we are standing beside a small lake. He says we are, so I head off with a few other people. We pull out canoes out of the water beside a parking lot and walk to the back of the lot, where we find an old cinderblock garage. I walk into the garage and it is dirty and moldy inside, cold, and I can see the snow speckling the ground outside. As I turn to leave the garage, I see that my entrance into the garage was through a small square hole in the wall and that I have to get on my hands and knees to exit the building. I did not remember having to do this to enter the building.

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