Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dreamovie 78

It is night, and I am entering, possibly without invitation, a white house that sits behind a high white wall at the corner of a city block. My companion and I are searching for something in the place, but I do not know what. We check the attached garage, we move through a big workroom, and we finally find ourselves in the foyer of this house, which is dominated by large concrete stairs that rise up to what appears to be another front door but this one inside the house. We are at the bottom of the stairs. A man comes out of that door. He has wild white hair that goes out in all directions from his head. The light behind him turns him into a dark and gyrating silhouette. We escape from the house, exiting through the wall, which has now turned into a tall thick hedge, and we escape to street, where we jump onto a motorcycle and drive away, making a left turn around the corner.

I am in Washington, DC, and the day is sunny and almost cloudless. Under a bright blue sky, I move, maybe by boat, maybe on foot, to an island in the Potomac. I do not seem to have any reason for doing that, but after I do the island, and possibly the city itself, comes under attack from various directions. Helicopters spit bullets at us from the sky, boats attack the island and land sending armed soldiers up the gentle slope of the island. Those of us on the island, retreat to a two-storey white building in the middle of it.

I am driving through the countryside, trying to get somewhere, though I do not know where. There is ice on the roads, and the sky is overcast. The entire world is dark. I drive down one road, but a school bus is blocking my way. I drive further and discover that roads everywhere are blocked, which might mean that someone is trying to catch me.

I find myself in a village that resembles an ancient Italian village somewhere at the growing edge of darkness. Someone is conducting a formal school test, but it is not taking place in school, not in classrooms. The testing is taking place outdoors. Maria tells me she gave me a C, which I feel I deserve, but I don't know why. She seems apt to change it, however. She says Tony also received a C, but he has complained about it. It seems that she will not be changing his grade. As we talk about this, we walk up a hill into the night.