Monday, February 9, 2009

I dreamed I drove to look at an apartment downtown. Parking was scarce as always. I found the place, a dingy brownstone. There was a brown metal door with no number on it but I knew it was the place. The apartment I was considering was down a flight of stairs, underground, a basement apartment. The actress from Poltergeist, Zelda Rubinstein, met me at the bottom of the stairs in the room, for that's what it was, one big brown room. There was a huge bed, a fairly decent kitchen. I crawled on the bed and looked out the window. I could see the sky, and half of a high school band (including tuba and symbols) listlessly playing in the street to supposedly give cheer to construction workers demolishing a building on the corner. Zelda gave me a skeleton key and some scraps of wadded up paper, and told me the apartment was for dwarves. I told her I was 5'10" and she said Oh that's ok honey, in her STEP INTO THE LIGHT CAROL ANNE voice. I asked her what the rent was, and she pulled some paper out of her pocket and scribbled some figures, then she said, With the government allowance it's $2 a month. I thought I could save a lot of money paying $2 a month rent, and asked if I could look around. I discovered there were a bunch of apartments all connected to mine like a train, and no doors. I found a bathroom and there was a toilet, a larger than life sink, a weird tub with all kinds of metal tubing and plastic hoses and chairs that lowered down into the water, awful dried orange sponges, hairnets, and folded hospital towels — the accoutrement of the elderly. I realized this was the place in which I was to die. I hightailed it out of there, up the stairs and ran down the street, then ran back and shoved the skeleton key and the wads of folded paper in the door's small rectangular mail slot. Zelda came out as I ran away again, waving merrily, saying, We'll save it for you!

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