Monday, May 23, 2011

I was in a huge business complex type sprawling skyscraper type bldg in the large lobby.  Perhaps there was a school group or some other type of community group there that was about to leave in a bus or some-such.  A friend of mine's son was still not w/ the group & I was worried that he'd get lost so I asked him what was happening w/ him & he told me his father was coming to pick him up.  His dad did so - so I was reassured & I went somewhere else. 

I was doing something in another part of the bldg.  I don't remember what, I have vague memories of walking thru a generic big rm - maybe w/ tables & chairs.  Eventually, I decided to leave & someone might've asked me to get something for them.  It was suggested that the best way to leave was on the outside of the bldg.  In the dream that seemed reasonable - I thought I wasn't high up in the bldg: maybe on the 1st or 2nd floors.  I went out thru a hole in the wall.  The outer walls of the bldg, wch had been solid, as if finished, up 'til now, were now just metal framing that I had to climb down on & I realized that I was higher up than I thought at 1st.  Already climbing down the side of the bldg was a youngish woman w/ a baby in her arms.  I may've complimented the baby.  As I started to realize how high up we were I might've suggested that we climb back into the bldg.  In the meantime, the woman told me that she was from Virginia(?), specifically Newark(?) (even though the Newark I know of is in New Jersey).  She had seemed 'sane' at 1st, despite her climbing on the outside of a skyscraper w/ a baby, but then she started asking me about my reading her notices in some publication in the area where she was from.  Since I was just 1st meeting her, I didn't know anything about what she was talking about & I realized that her thinking that I did indicated that she was a paranoid schizophrenic w/ delusions that I was omniscient or some-such.  I deduced from what she sd that she was looking for a person she knew but hadn't seen for a long time &, at some point, I further deduced that this was either Franz Kamin or that she thought I was Franz.

We tried to re-enter the bldg.  We had footholds in that thick plastic mesh that's sometimes used as fencing on construction sites & there was some sort of close-together wiring or mesh that blocked our way into the bldg.  There was another young woman, maybe more, on the inside who was irritated by us or maybe just by the woman w/ the baby & who was reluctantly helping us move the obstacle out of the way.  The tension between the personalities was contributing to our not being able to get inside.  I stayed calm & reasonable & practical.  The baby was helped thru the gap but then the mother was unable to get herself thru - the climbing was too difficult.  I noticed that she was wearing flip-flops so I suggested that she remove them so she cd get a better toe-hold in the mesh we were standing on.  This worked & then I got inside too. 

I had, perhaps, started out on the 7th floor & was now, perhaps on the 5th floor.  The bldg was still like a large commercial bldg - maybe a huge hotel.  The woman & I parted & I went into a large rm where I saw that Franz Kamin was sitting.  My past in this bldg was now as if I had decided to leave while performing in one of Franz's pieces.  I walked to where Franz was & bent over his shoulder to say something to him.  He was very neatly & cleanly dressed.  I noticed in the large rm that he was sitting near the perimeter of that there were round tables w/ papers on them that people were sitting around & I concluded that they might be assembling one of his publications - perhaps as presents for them to receive b/c they'd stayed to the end of Franz's performance. 

Franz & I talked to each other & I mentioned that the woman I had met was looking for him & that I thought her name was Susan or Suzanne & that she was from Virginia & that she had a child.  Franz seemed to know who I was talking about & gave slightly cynical laugh, acting somewhat relieved that she hadn't found him, & asked if the child were about 10.  I remembered the child as a girl around that age & sd yes.  I then went to an elevator to take a safer way down thru the bldg. 

The elevator started going sideways & I realized that it was more of a train that started in the bldg - perhaps some sort of courtesy vehicle for patrons of the hotel.  I noticed that I was barefoot & realized that if it was cold outside I'd have a hard time of it.  Then I checked to see if I had money in my pockets so I cd take some sort of transport when I got off the train - perhaps a taxi.  I realized that I'd lost my money along w/ my shoes & that no taxi-driver wd pick me up w/o shoes anyway - assuming that I'd be indigent.  Thinking that the train wd just take us outside the bldg, I was surprised when it kept going.  It stopped somewhere not too far away & I asked one of the passengers whether it went further.  he told me that it went to a place the name of wch I didn't recognize but wch I thought wasn't too far from my destination so I decided that I'd be able to walk barefoot from there. 

I exited from the elevator/train at this next exit - wch was at the outside of a European-style large park / plaza w/ some sort of wall surrounding it w/ large archways opening regularly into it.  The outside of it was dotted w/ small café type tables & there were vines growing on the walls.  Perhaps there was some topiary.  the same woman who'd previously had the baby/10-yr-old-girl exited the train ahead of me, although I hadn't previously seen her there, & bent over at the waist so that her short dress hiked up over her ass to reveal that she wasn't wearing underwear & was, therefore, naked w/ her ass exposed to me.  She looked over her shoulder to smile at me & to say something, presumably sexual, that I didn't quite hear.  She didn't have a child w/ her anymore & didn't really look like the earlier woman but I thought she was the same person.  Apparently, she liked me. 

We walked together, perhaps we were going to my destination together, & she asked if there were someplace where she cd get a drink.  We were inside the plaza/park now & I sd, yes, being somewhat familiar w/ this park, & told her that there were food places about & then we saw one directly ahead of us.

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