Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm in an industrial type space w/ a huge baywindow
overlooking a desolate landscape that's pitted & has no vegetation
- it seems to be mostly or all clay.  I'm there w/ someone else,
maybe another guy.  We're there to procure a giant vehicle,
I think for time-travel.  Outside the window, there're at least 2 types
of vehicles visible.  The one we're to use is huge, like a heavily armored
tank or some type of land-mover.  They have a solid wall on their fronts
w/ a cluster of giant hole-saws.  All around us the clay of the surface is
cracking open & rhinoceroses are emerging from underneath.
They're not struggling out of the earth - it's more as if they're coming up
standing on elevator platforms - but no such things are visible.
I don't see any of them actually completely on the surface & moving around.
The landscape w/ these rhinoceroses is menacing & the hole-saws on the
fronts of the vehicles are interpreted as being for defense.  Despite the menacing
nature of the environment, wch may not be Earth, wch is more likely another planet,
the 'salesperson' that we're dealing w/ seems unconcerned about our safety
& the presumed vulnerability of the glass wall/baywindow.  It occurs to me
that I have no idea how to drive the vehicle I'm about to get so I ask if it
comes w/ a driver.  In a quasi-lucid meta-realization w/in the dream, I realize
that by asking this question I'm making it so that, yes, the vehicle DO come
w/ a driver & that if I hadn't asked this question the vehicle WD NOT HAVE COME
W/ A DRIVER.  It's then explained to me, not necessarily by the 'salesperson'
- who may not even exist as an incarnated figure - that one of us (myself
& my invisible? companion) must agree to learn to copilot the vehicle.
I realize that doing this is probably fantastically difficult & that it's asking
entirely too much of me.  Both the 'salesperson' & my companion may
just be 'figments of my imagination' or projected parts of myself.

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