Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In my dream I was in the garden at my old school in Richmond on my knees digging out weeds and re-shaping a flower bed.  The weeds morphed into dirty washing, my own and my family’s.  It had somehow become mixed up with washing from other boarders at my convent school and even with garments from the nuns.

Then I was back at home when I heard a noise which came from the spare room.  I opened the door on a young man whom I recognised as a friend of one of my daughters.  He was naked and using a radial arm saw.  The action of the saw gave off a loud screeching sound and I realised then that the young man used the saw for no other purpose than to attract my attention.  He wanted me to see him naked.

I became terrified at what he might do next.  I fled out through the front door and onto the street.  The young man followed but only as far as the front veranda and then he turned towards the back of the house and himself began to flee.  I now chased after him.

By this time my husband had joined me.
‘Grab him,’ I said.  The young man was now dressed and my husband might well have thought he was just a friend.  Even so he grabbed hold of the young man.  I explained to my husband what had happened and then turned to this young man.
‘I’ll let you go, if you agree to get help.’

My alarm went off and I woke up.

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