Monday, December 8, 2008

I wake up from a dream with a memory of hearing a voice saying these words: What is a human? It is a boisterous lamp that goes everywhere.


I want to share my coffee with a woman who is sitting with me so I go to the counter and ask for a cup. The waitress reluctantly gives me one but I have to scrape out some vegetable scraps from the inside of the plastic glass. At that moment I see two bluebirds. They are fluttering their wings rapidly but staying in place in the air in front of me. Although something is partially blocking my view, I can see them and now I can feel their feet and the beating of their wings as they stand on my fingers. I want to show them to Toni.

I wake up and tell her the dream (in reality) and a couple of hours later we are sitting near a window at Ozzie’s, a coffee shop we like to go to in Park Slope. We are drinking tea and coffee and when I look up, I see a large yellow school bus parked in front of the window. To my amazement on the license plate are the words “Blue Bird.”


Annandale Dream Gazette said...

"a boisterous lamp that goes everywhere" --- wow, you dream in poetry.

Maybe (hopefully) it was the bluebird of happiness.

Nick Piombino said...

Thanks, Lynn. I was surprised to get these lines from a dream. It's happened before, but only rarely.

As for the bluebird, when I was discussing the dream with Toni, I remembered that my father-an army officer who mostly enjoyed listening to marching songs by John Phillip Sousa - had a record of Jan Peerce singing "The Bluebird of Happiness" that I loved as a child.