Monday, June 30, 2014

dreamed I unwrapped something like a Klondike bar and dropped its contents into a stream. Inside were three small blocks that turned into "Medusa swans" when they touched the water. I said, "they'll take care of the corpses."

Monday, June 16, 2014

I had a Wes Anderson dream last night, that we bought an apartment on the top floor of the "Hotel Violin," (too much time spent with a violin restorer recently?). The building was an architectural dessert: art nouveau, gold leaf, pastels. The elevator didn't make it up to the top floor, so we took it as far as it went, pried the doors open, to go higher.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

dream: with a wave of my hand the cyst on my chest falls off. then there is a parade on the beach in aptos. what is it for? a celebration of life. it is on my beach. it is going in the right direction. i dream inside my dream. i tell someone about my dream inside my dream but i am still dreaming. the back of an indian's head. black hair. denim jacket. i don't know who u are. everything is going to be fine. i have 3 male roommates. i've never seen them before. who told u u could live here. i don't want new roommates. i don't want to live with men. there is too much male energy in this house. i want u to leave. i wanted to be alone. i wanted peace and quiet. i'm sorry but u can't live here. i am trying to reach vhs tapes high on a dusty shelf. i can't quite reach them without maybe falling off the stepladder and breaking my neck. i take 3 little sample bottles of clinique lotion and an open nail polish bottle and throw them away. women are shopping. they are very fashionable. my mother says she wants to go shopping. women are buying bracelets. i don't like anything cold around my wrist. one is wearing a weird purple flowery hat. they are not finding what they are looking for. do they wear make-up or not and do they dance. can i still dance. i'm a bit shaky on my feet. i pick up a leather wallet that is kind of a book. it is a sample of a bookmaking class. the cashier says the class is in las vegas. why am i in nevada? i don't want to be in nevada. the air is clean. i don't care, i want to go to the beach. i want to go home. why is it taking so long to go home.