Thursday, March 31, 2011

I woke up and I was chasing three of my friends threw a suburban water park.  They had "borrowed" (stolen) my laptop.  One of them was holding my laptop above his head.  They jumped into the water.  I jumped in too.  I had asked them what they were doing with my laptop and they didn't answer me.  I was afraid to demand that they return it to me.  I was chain smoking as I waded after them through the pool.  There was an artificial cascading slope with the water flowing upwards and this made sense.  I followed them up it and the water carried me up the slope.  Water was splashing on the laptop.  The bottom of the laptop was coming apart from the rest of the laptop.  They entered the deep end of the pool.  My friend couldn't hold onto the computer anymore because he had to use his arms to tread water.  It dropped into the water and began to float away.  I swam to it and picked it up.  I reached the side of the pool and put it on the light gray concrete.  I woke up and my laptop was laying on the ground next to my bed.  There was tape on the sides of it because it was getting old and rotting.  I lit a cigarette and looked out the window at people walking past on the sidewalk.

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